Annotative scaling is a process in AutoCAD that allows you to scale a drawing based on a viewport. This ensures all of your dimensions, text, and blocks are scaled correctly based on the viewport scale you are using. This is especially helpful when changing the viewport scale to fit multiple drawings on a page at different scales.

When we bid your project, you have the option of choosing a requested deadline. We will work with you to determine how much time is needed and will give you a completion date you can count on!

We use your Microvellum data and drawing template to produce drawings that mimic your drawing style. We generally ask for a complete project that your team has produced to be sure our drawings are as close to yours as possible.

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We can analyze your drawing template to suggest changes and add features such as dynamic blocks, paper space layout, and annotative scaling.

Dynamic blocks contain rules and restrictions that control the appearance and behavior of a block when it is inserted into a drawing or when it is later modified. It can be a large time saver for drafting.

Yes. With our knowledge of Bluebeam software, we are able to add hyperlinks to pdf drawings. These hyperlinks make it very easy to navigate between floorplans, elevations, and sections. To see an example of this please click here to view.